The Pursuit of Leviathan, Ukrainian language edition released!



Baker’s paper on the theology of language is published by the University of St. Andrew’s divinity college in their ‘Bible and Contemporary World Journal.’



Siege of Eden: The Rise of The Illuminati is released!


First draft of  ‘Siege of Eden; The Illuminati and the Untold Story of the New World Order is finished. Kris Orr, the illustrator for The Pursuit of Leviathan will begin art for the actual cover; Mick Silva, editor of other Baker books will soon get his ruthless hands to work.



Ukrainian edition of The Pursuit of Leviathan begins.


Successful book tour in Ukraine for Ukrainian language edition of  ‘Crusade of Tears,’ including a presentation at the Lviv Book Fair and Svitla Radio, Kiev.


Audio version of The Seduction of Eva Volk is released. Narrator is the acclaimed, Michael Wolf.


First draft beings on Baker’s new novel, The Siege of Eden; The Illuminati and the Untold Story of the New World Order 



Research continues on Baker’s next novel.


The audio version of The Pursuit of Leviathan is released.


Baker is thrown from a horse in the Netherlands. After receiving excellent care from his Dutch nurses, he was transferred to Germany and the US military hospital in Landstuhl for observation. Cared for by family in Germany, he was flown home for pelvic surgery in early June from which he is presently recovering. Good news: new friends and lots to be thankful about.

The audio version of ‘The Pursuit of Leviathan’ is progressing with a completion date scheduled for the summer.



The Pursuit of Leviathan is officially released! Leviathan cover


Ukrainian language edition of The Seduction of Eva Volk nears release.


Cover art for The Pursuit of Leviathan nears completion.


Final edits completed for The Pursuit of Leviathan.


First international broadcast of the musical rendition of 101 Cups of Water by composer Jonathan Urie. CD’s to be available.Cups music cd



Musician Jonathan Urie to compose inspirational narratives of  ‘101 Cups of Water,’ for the Moments of Music and Inspiration series that is broadcast on radio throughout Canada and distributes audio copies worldwide.


The Russian language edition of Becoming the Son is released by Eksmo Publishing, Moscow.

The audiobook version of Becoming the Son, narrated by the acclaimed Troy Duran, is released by

Becoming the Son named as a Top Ten Religious Book

Becoming award - best of 2014

January  The Audiobook version of Crusade of Tears is released by Audible/Amazon


December  Audiobook version of Becoming the Son‘ begins with narrator Troy Duran.

November  Audiobook version of ‘Crusade of Tears’ begins with narrator and international broadcaster, Colin Fluxman.

October    Audiobook version of ‘The Seduction of Eva Volk’ begins with narrator Michael Wolf.

August    Mad Monk Productions releases trailer for ‘Swords of Heaven.’

April            Interview with influential blogger and author Frank Viola on Becoming the Son is published.

March        Dutch translation of ‘Becoming the Son’ begins.


December   Discussions for a Dutch language edition of Becoming the Son begin with EuroBOOKS.

October    Russian publishing giant, Eksmo Publishing, Moscow, contracts ‘Becoming the Son; an Autobiography of Jesus,’ for Russian language co-release throughout Russia and Ukraine with Ukrainian publisher, Knigonosha Ltd. of Kiev.  becoming cover

May  Russian language translation of Becoming the Son is completed.

Baker releases Seedlings; Fables from the Forest.


February  Baker continues work on his children’s book, Seedlings.

January  German publisher, Francke Verlag, releases 101 Cups of Water as 101 Durstloscher.  



December   Discussions continue for the joint Russian language publication of Becoming the Son between Russia’s largest publishing house, Eksmo, and Knigonosha Publishing of Kiev, Ukraine.

                              Knigonosha Publishing of Kiev, Ukraine, announces plans to release a Ukrainian language version of Becoming the Son.


October   Preliminary research begins on Baker’s new project titled, ‘Kingdoms.’

August 24 The official release of Becoming the Son; an Autobiography of Jesus in English.


July Russian language translation continues on Becoming the Son by the Ukrainian publisher, Knigonosha.

April   Having been professionally advised that Becoming the Son; an autobiography of Jesus Christ is likely to be rejected by traditional publishers in the U.S., Baker makes the decision to publish independently.

February   Swords of Heaven becomes available in Kindle format. The Journey of Souls Series will also join Kindle in several weeks.

Hiking through Galilee

January    The ‘final’ draft of Baker’s Becoming the Son; an autobiography of Jesus Christ is undergoing additional edits. Russian language translation of this book continues.

Covers for Baker’s Journey of Souls Series are redesigned and plans begin to re-release in Russian language as a set of six books.


November  The Russian language publisher, LIFE Co. Ltd.’ announces the pending release of Baker’s, ‘101 Cups of Water,’ for early Spring 2012. In Russian language, the book will be available in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.

October   Baker completes final draft of ‘Becoming the Son; an autobiography of Jesus Christ.’ It will be released in Russian language sometime in 2012. English release is pending sale of rights.

June Baker finishes first draft of his upcoming, Becoming the Son; an autobiography of Jesus Christ.’  

April Baker attends the Kiev International Book Festival to feature the Russian language release of ‘Swords of Heaven’ where he had the pleasure of spending the week with Paul Young, author of ‘The Shack.’

Challenged in Kiev!

February  Research and writing for Baker’s upcoming, Becoming the Son,continues with a research trip to Israel.

Part of the trip will include a week hiking the Jesus Trail, the journey from Nazareth to Capernaeum.  (see


September  Baker attends theological conference in St. Andrews on David Brown’s contributions to the relationship of theology and the arts.

June  Russian language version of ‘Swords of Heaven’ is translated as preparations continue for its release in Ukraine.

April Book tour in Kiev, Ukraine for Russian/Ukrainian language publisher Knigonosha which launches Pilgrims of Promise, the final book of the Journey of Souls Series, as well as the accompanying music CD in Russian language, and The Seduction of Eva Volk. Tour included book festival presentations, local radio, and a speaking engagement at New Life Church, Kiev.

Jan Russian language release of Quest of Hope and translation into Russian continues for The Seduction of Eva Volk, scheduled for release in Ukraine in April, 2010.

Ukrainian Publisher Taras Boyko and his wife, Svetlana

Work continues on Russian language release of the Journey of Souls music CD.


November Official release of The Seduction of Eva historical fiction exploring the complicated relationship between Hitler and the Christians of Germany.

Oct  Official release of 40 Loaves; Breaking Bread with our Father Every Day. Concurrent with release begins a national radio tour, followed by a blog tour scheduled to begin in December.

Summer YouTube release of video promo for The Seduction of Eva Volk. It can be seen under the ‘Books’ section of this web site.

Research continuing on Jesus novel in regards to the history/customs of the times as well as a variety of theological challenges, not the least of which is the character complexity of the divine man.

Final touches on both The Seduction of Eva Volk and 40 Loaves for October releases.

May Phone interview with child prodigy and mystic, Akiane Kramarik, for Jesus autobiography.  See

Akiane Kramarik, child mystic and artistic prodigy

April Baker begins preliminary research on a new novel, Becoming the Son; an Autobiography of Jesus.

March  Baker’s Crusade of Tears is released in Ukraine as a Russian language translation.

Random House/Waterbrook announces October 09 as release date for Baker’s companion devotional to 101 Cups of Water titled, 40 Loaves; Breaking Bread with our Father Every Day.


PrestonSpeed Publications announces Fall 09 as the scheduled release date for Baker’s new novel, The Seduction of Eva Volk; a novel of Hitler’s Christians.

Baker graduates from St. Mary’s College, the divinity school of the University of St. Andrews Scotland with a Masters in practical theology.

St. Mary’s College of Divinity at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland

101 Cups of Water officially released with Waterbrook/Random House.

2007  Baker in the middle of his Master’s program in Theology at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. He sells his business to pursue writing full-time.


  Baker contracts the sale of his devotional 101 Cups of Water to Waterbrook Press, division of Random House.

October   Production begins on promotional CD at Bon Jovi’s Studios in New Jersey for two tracks from the Journey of Souls CD, namely “Love Song” and “Fare Thee Well.”

September   Baker begins masters program in theological studies at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. This is the alma mater of John Knox and John Witherspoon.

Release of Swords of Heaven, (PrestonSpeed Publications) an exiting novel about the untold story of Magna Carta.

July   Baker completes devotional manuscript titled, 101 Cups of Water.


After two years of in depth research and travel, Baker completes World War II manuscript titled, “The Seduction of Eva Volk”, which is presently being marketed by his literary agent.

Release of Journey of Souls Music CD

  Crusade of Tears Nominated for Christie Award

December  Book signings for Crusade of Tears in London.


November/December  A second research trip to Germany for upcoming WWII story including interview with acclaimed German author/veteran Johann Voss.

Crusade of Tears is chosen to be a “Book of the Month” for Christian bookstores in the United Kingdom.

June Song “Fare thee Well” requested for commencement exercise and memorial ceremony honoring fallen officers of the New Jersey Police Department.


C.D. Baker and his sons interview Dr. Manfred Rommel in Germany. Dr. Rommel is the son of WWII German General Erwin Rommel known as the “Desert Fox.”

Manfred Rommel with Baker’s sons

October 2002The German newspaper “Golden Ground” (Goldener Grund) publishes article on C.D. Baker’s research for Quest of Hope.

October 2001 Baker researches throughut Germany, Switzerland, and Italy for Quest of Hope.

November 2000
  German newspaper, “Selters Courier” (Selterser Kurier) publishes article on C.D. Baker’s research for Crusade of Tears.

February 1994 – January 2000  Several research trips to Europe for Baker’s Crusade of Tears.      

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