The Pursuit of Leviathan

In the 17th century, hundreds of thousands of Europeans endured one of the most barbarous events ever lost to history. Until now. As heir to the family estate, young English gentleman Christopher Clive is submissive to his grandfather’s grooming, but his heart is drawn to the enchanting Irish muse, Raven O’Morrissey. When her village is attacked, Christopher makes a noble sacrifice and comes face to face with Leviathan—a godless spirit of chaos—and its world of forced slavery, jihad, and the clash of empires. Yet even as the years pass, he cannot forget the coastal mist of the sea cove he and Raven once shared as the setting of their tragic romance and of a legendary treasure that could change their fate forever. An extraordinary journey across perilous lands and a historical portrait of unthinkable evil, The Pursuit of Leviathan reveals a great monster that threatens us all—and the greater power that insures its inevitable defeat.

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“An unforgettable and rousing tale that spans the shores of Ireland, across Europe, and beyond. Mesmerizing narrative combined with authentic historical research makes The Pursuit of Leviathan a must-read for any historical fiction fan. Baker continues to climb higher up my favorites list.” Peter Leavell, author of Gideon’s Call and West for the Black Hills

  • “The Pursuit of Leviathan is an unusually striking work of fiction. Baker’s work invades the world of easy fiction with a world that can help us outlive the banal. He takes you on a wild adventure that bends literary norms, frightens you, and captivates you…and makes you better in the process.— Brian Brown, Senior Editor, Humane Pursuits; Executive Director, Anselm Society

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