101 Cups of Water

Short, daily readings to encourage the weary Christian.  


Hardcover and illustrated with inspiring black and white photographs

     If you’re looking for something different in a devotional, you might want to consider the gifts of grace offered in this  unconventional collection. Baker’s unique style and warmth will invite you to reconsider life’s tough times in a realistic way, yet one filled with hope. Far from the typical, 101 Cups of Water will refresh, inspire, and motivate you to look forward to each day, safe and well-loved in the arms of grace.

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             A Cup of Mystery


 “These brief devotional readings strip away the façade and take us honestly to our longing for Living Water–and the quenching of your thirsty soul. Come–take and drink these surprisingly deep little cups of fresh, clear water for your soul.”
– Jane Rubietta, author of Come Closer

   “Refreshingly honest and disarmingly vulnerable.” 
–  Cecil Murphy, best-selling co-author of 90 Minutes in Heaven and Heaven Is Real

“I really REALLY like this book. Every soul can find rest and peace in these perfect little sips.”
– Ray Blackston, author of Flabbergasted

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