The List


Volume II in Baker’s Bookends of Liberty series, The List is an essential narrative about the founding of America suitable for readers 12 to adult. (The companion to Vol I, Swords of Heaven.)

The List is a carefully researched historical fiction based on one of the forgotten mysteries of the American Revolution. When the British arrive in Philadelphia in September of 1777, General Washington is confused. The British maneuver was unexpected. As history would later reveal, an influential Philadelphia loyalist had promoted an idea–an idea involving a list of men who might secure the final defeat of the patriots. Was this list the reason for the British seizure of the city? What of the mystery of its disappearance? And what of the conflict the Browne family endured as a divided family in a divided city?


 “The List is a compelling yarn–a virtual gateway to America’s War for Independence. C.D. Baker provides the best of historical fiction appropriate for the entire family.” Alan R. Crippen III, Founder and President of the John Jay Institute for Faith, Law and Society, Philadelphia, PA

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