Swords of Heaven


Volume I of Baker’s Bookends of Liberty series. An important true-life story of the birth of liberty. (Vol II in this series is The List.)

A novel of the Magna Carta

Swords of Heaven is a carefully researched epic tale based on the forgotten, true life story of the unsung heroes of Magna Carta–Sir William Marshal and Isabel de Clare. Complete with a colorful collection of memorable characters, the story invites the reader to experience a fast-paced adventure in medieval England. Filled with action, suspense, romance, and intrigue, Swords of Heaven brings to life the breath-taking events that rescued liberty from the grasp of tyrants.

Suitable for readers from 12 to adult, Baker’s novel is an essential contribution to the understanding of America’s heritage of freedom.





“Baker’s Swords of Heaven brings the rich history of old England alive in vibrant detail. His remarkable style will entertain readers of all ages with a tale written as only he can, while inspiring us all to more fully appreciate the deep roots of our liberty.”Alan R. Crippen II, Founder and President of the John Jay Insitute for Faith, Law, and Society, Philadelphia, Pa.

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