40 Loaves


How honest do you like your food?

40 loaves; Breaking Bread with Our Father Each Day

    Why don’t I have much faith? Religion often makes it uncomfortable if not impossible to ask faith questions, leaving genuine seekers cold. Yet Jesus offered his followers an ongoing conversation—free, open-ended discussion. Baker’s forty questions–like Why am I so bored with Jesus? or Why do I dodge the Bible?–nourish self-examination and offer validation for those who feel discouraged, guilty, even shamed when their lives don’t match up with the ideals of the Christian establishment. For something different in a daily read, try taking a few bites out of 40 Loaves.

“ This book looks at the “elephant in the room” and kisses that elephant on the lips with such gracious, loving biblical wisdom that you will rise up and call Baker blessed. And you will rise up and call me blessed for recommending it to you.”

 STEVE BROWN, teacher, author, and president of Key Life Network, Inc.

“In contrast to the easy, trite, and ultimately unsatisfying ‘good news’that is peddled in pop Christianity,  40 Loaves provides the space to explore what Christians often feel but are afraid to express. Baker’s timely reflections on the complexities of faith in today’s world will help to nurture integrity within people of faith in a way that can only result in an enhanced relationship with God and with others.”

BRUCE W. LONGENECKER, W. W. Melton Chair of Religion, Baylor University

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