Life is filled with forgotten experiences that hold unexpected treasures. Come and explore these stories for yourself, encounter their hidden wisdom, and discover the beautiful story that is you.

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A deeply affecting journey of shedding anxiety, Remembering Stardust is a story from the heartland of our recent American past. How do we become who we were always meant to be? Where do we discover the grace to-live out loud? And how do we finally learn that there’s far more to life than the fear we’ve always known?

Discover the Untold Story

Time is filled with untold stories, and the best have another story hidden just beneath the surface. It’s these stories that I’ve traveled the world to discover in order to give them life. Come and enjoy these experiences, but prepare yourself for more. For within the stories are priceless gifts carefully revealed through allusion and allegory. You will encounter the wisdom of many waiting in unexpected places and, in so doing, discover the beautiful story that is you.

My books are meaningful to me and hopefully they will matter to you. My characters are my friends whom I love to share. Each book has been written to comfort the broken, pique the curious, and challenge the strong. Welcome!


Books by C.D. Baker

On a Timeline of History

30 AD
  • Becoming the Son
    an Autobiography of Jesus.
  • A unique encounter with Jesus shaped by the biblical accounts. What does it mean for any of us to be fully human

The Journey of Souls Series

  • A trilogy of novels honoring the forgotten tragedy of the Children’s Crusade in which thousands of children embarked on an ill-fated crusade. What is the role of suffering in life

Swords of Heaven

  • Knights, ladies, castles and intrigue. The forgotten heroine of Magna Carta who gave birth to Western liberty. Where does freedom come from, what does it mean, and why should we defend it
The Pursuit of Leviathan

  •  European slaves, Muslim masters, and a swashbuckling adventure across two worlds. In the end, how does life have meaning, and where does one find it

The List

  •  A divided family struggling to love and still serve conscience during the American Revolution. How do we handle dilemma, what does love look like, and what of principles when everything is at stake

Siege of Eden

  • the Rise of the Illuminati. A secret society forms in Germany that will alter the course of history and still impacting today’s events. What do we do with good intentions cloaked within the subtle darkness of utopianism
The Seduction of Eva Volk

  • a Novel of Hitler’s Christians. How could otherwise good and decent people follow Hitler? The shocking answer lies within us all.

Remembering Stardust

  • Religious toxicity fuels the anxiety haunting a young man. Pressed by a fast-changing world, he seeks peace for his soul before it’s too late. But is there really a way to live without the fear we all have known

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