C.D. Baker

EDUCATION Masters degree in Theology from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland.

 INTERESTS:  History, genealogy, farming, theology, hiking

 BIO SUMMARY:  C. David Baker lives and works in upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Baker founded his business in 1978, was active on public and private school boards, and served several charitable organizations. He loved writing as a child and began a part-time professional career in February, 1994. By 2007 he had sold a successful business in order to devote himself to full-time writing and research.  He is an honors graduate of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, with a Master’s degree in theology.

Research has taken him throughout Europe, and his interviews have included a variety of fascinating people such as Manfred Rommel, son of Fieldmarshal Rommel, and Johann Voss, author and veteran of the Waffen-SS, both of whom contributed much to Baker’s Seduction of Eva Volk.

A Christee Award nominee, Baker’s writing interest is in the discovery of the untold story. He has written ten novels, one children’s book, and two books of spiritual reflections. Published in a variety of countries, several are available in Russian, Ukrainian and/or German language translations. He has appeared in the Christian History Institute’s periodical, ‘Glimpses,’ and ‘Christian Singles’ magazine. He has also been published in the peer reviewed ‘Bible and Contemporary World’ theological journal of the University of St. Andrews. His work has been put to music by Canadian composer, Jonathan Urie as well as performer, Kurt Johnston.

David is the father of two grown sons, a grandfather of seven, and lives on a small farm with his wife, Sue. Together they raise livestock  with an interest in natural/organic methods and a passion for humane treatment.  Failure has been part of his life as well. It has been these deep valleys that have led David to the well of Grace from which the essence of his writing is drawn.

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A Genre of His Own

“Baker’s remarkable style entertains readers with tales written as only he can. His historical fiction fires the imagination and engages the soul. His excellent gifts of storytelling and his painstaking research provide credible and convincing authenticity.”

Alan R. Crippen II

Founder and past president of John Jay Institute for Faith, Law and Society

“Stories like these are needed, perhaps now more than ever. Baker’s thoughtful and meticulous work is a grand, historic tale.”

Rick Schwartzwelder

Award-winning film producer

“Refreshingly honest and disarmingly vulnerable.”

Cecil Murphy

Best-selling author of 90 Minutes in Heaven

“C.D. Baker has accomplished what few novelists have ever achieved…”

Bruce W. Longenecker

W.W. Melton Chair of Religion, Baylor University

“C.D. Baker’s spiritual insights and deeper meanings keep me reading, and his characters feel like close friends I hate to leave in the end. I’m continually surprised at the worlds he introduces me to.”

Mick Silva

Former Senior Editor, Zondervan Publishing


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