Bookends of Liberty – Book Series

How was freedom set free? Inspired by true events, our Bookends of Liberty reveal two forgotten stories that changed the world, forever.

Volume One: Swords of Heaven is a carefully researched epic tale based on the forgotten, true life story of the unsung heroes of Magna Carta–Sir William Marshal and Isabel de Clare. Complete with a colorful collection of memorable characters, the story invites the reader to experience a fast-paced adventure in medieval England. Filled with action and intrigue, Swords of Heaven brings to life the breath-taking events that rescued liberty from the grasp of tyrants.

Volume Two: The List is based on a surprising mystery of the American War for Independence that altered the course of freedom. As war brings dilemma and turmoil into the lives of the loyalists and patriots alike, the destiny of a nation hangs on the tip of a quill pen. An excellent resource for any interested in America’s founding principles.

“Baker’s Swords of Heaven brings the rich history of old England alive in vibrant detail. His remarkable style will entertain readers of all ages with a tale written as only he can, while inspiring us all to more fully appreciate the deep roots of our liberty.” 

“The List is a compelling yarn–a virtual gateway to America’s War for Independence. C.D. Baker provides the best of historical fiction appropriate for the entire family.”


Alan R. Crippen II

Founder and President of the John Jay Institute for Faith, Law, and Society, Philadelphia, Pa.