Composer/performer Kurt Johnston and lyricist David Baker produced a companion music CD for the medieval Journey of Souls Series of novels, a CD also available in Russian language. In addition, they produced several singles all presented below. As a ‘thank you’ for visiting our page, you are invited to download these works FREE for your personal use.

Kurt Johnston is an extraordinary musician who has toured with Bon Jovi, and so invited a host of skilled musicians from his orbit to contribute to these projects. These include Paul Simon’s drummer, Bon Jovi’s bassist, and Bon Jovi’s own soundboard producer. More about Kurt can be found here:

Please note that composer Jonathan Urie separately produced Baker’s 101 Cups of Water as a music CD. Please refer to the ‘Cups‘ book page for a link to his work.

The Journey of Souls

CD Cover artwork

Note: Copyright, C. David Baker. Commercial use is forbidden without express written permission. Contact can be made at

CD Cover artwork



We Belong: Wedding Song

Take the roses from the garden,

Take the fishes from the sea,

Take the starlight from the heavens,

But don’t take her love from me.

Chase the snowflakes from my window,

Hide the rainbows from my sky,

Take the flowers from the meadows,

Only leave him by my side.

Though the world may lose its wonder,

Though the grapes yield no more wine,

Though the storm clouds lose their thunder,

I’ll be his…and she’ll be mine.

Fill your glasses! Fill your platters!

Sing with joy a happy song!

That what we claim here now does matter:

With each other we belong.

I'll Love You for Always

Come winter and summer
Come spring time and fall,
I’ll stand by you always
And love you in all.

Come seasons of pleasure
Come seasons of pain,
I’ll love you for always,
In sunshine and rain.

Come kiss me and hold me
Come love me and more
I’ll be with you always
Be we rich or poor.

Oh, oh, oh you are my world and my everything too,
A light that shines brightly forever through,
Winter and summer, springtime and fall…

Fare Thee Well

Fare thee well, my old friends, fare thee well,
May God’s breezes gently drift you toward your farther shore,
Fare thee well, my good friends, fare thee well,
May God’s blessings be upon you, ever more.

Sail away, light the stars, sail away,
Shine down memories on the places where you used to dwell.
And I’ll raise my hand, I lift my eyes, but I must stay,
Fare thee well, yeah, journey on, and fare thee well.

Turn around, if you please can, turn around,
Let our hearts touch one last time before I have to tell,
Myself to turn, my fleeting friend, turn around,
And let you soar to better places, fare thee well.

My Christmas Eve

Her braids were tied in ribbons, her cheeks were pink from cold,
Her eyes once twinkled gleefully from stories that I told,
She’d set the manger carefully, she tugged on Santa’s sleeve,
The carols made her happy; she was my Christmas Eve.

The kitchen felt much warmer whenever she was near,
The tree stood so much straighter and the lights would sparkle clear,
And silent night and candle light would help us all believe,
The wonder and the magic made so real by Christmas Eve.

Now merry elves and old Saint Nick have faded far away,
And golden hair and twinkling eyes have somewhere else to play.
I wished upon the wise men’s star that she would never leave
But angels thought it better that they take my Christmas Eve.


From some of us the angels have taken Christmas Eve,
The memories and the mistletoe are all that they can leave,
Yet silent night and candle light still help us all believe
The wonder and the magic of our time with Christmas Eve.

Note: Copyright, C. David Baker. Commercial use is forbidden without express written permission. Contact can be made at