Remembering Stardust

“A unique love story on a journey of discovery …”

A deeply affecting journey of shedding anxiety, Remembering Stardust is a story from the heartland of our recent American past. How do we become who we were always meant to be? Where do we discover the grace to-live out loud? And how do we finally learn that there’s far more to life than the fear we’ve always known?
“I savored and meditated about how this book spoke directly to my heart. David scratched so many itches, peeling back human toxicity and gently uncomplicating what should remain simple.” 
Turkessa S.


“A unique story through a journey of discovery that deeply touched my heart. Everyone who ever questioned the goodness of God needs to read this book.” 

Uli K.


“This is the Story of Us, bound together by our common enemy, fear. Prepare yourself for the ride of a lifetime, comic relief and all. And expect what the healing power of Love actually looks like. A GREAT read.”  

Sharon D.


“A book that offers the kind of ‘Ah ha!” moments in which a story touches the reader’s very core. A path through guilt and fear to freedom.”


“Heartbreaking and brilliantly insightful, Baker offers a rare gem.”


“A gift dropped into my lap, one jam-packed with symbolism and veiled treasures.”


“Baker peels back human toxicity and gently uncomplicates what should be simple, healing hearts and comforting souls with powerful characters and storytelling.”