The Seduction of Eva Volk

A Hitler Era stunner that will change the way you see history…and yourself.

Through the eyes of young Eva Volk, the alluring charm of the Hitler movement is personified in a lover. Desperately seeking wholeness in her broken world, she is quickly swept away by the passions of love and war…until she finds herself facing the consequences of blindness. Hers is a never-to-be forgotten story that will change the way you see history…and yourself.

Audio sample from the audiobook release of ‘The Seduction of Eva Volk’

“Baker’s comprehensive research offers an incredibly accurate picture of village life under National Socialism. The American reader may be astonished at the German perspective as historical certainties lose their accustomed contour.”

Johann Voss

Author of ‘Black Edelweiss’ and veteran of the Waffen-SS, Germany

“Uncomfortable as it is, this novel deserves an honored place in Holocaust literature .”

Rabbi Howard Abel

Hirsch of the Center for Jewish-Christian Dialogue in Colorado Springs, Co.

“Baker demonstrates how good, ordinary Christians could get seduced; his book stands as an honorable witness to what went wrong. It should be embraced and praised.” 

Rolf Gompertz

Author and holocaust survivor, CA

“Baker’s latest novel offers an engrossing, chilling view from inside of one of history’s most haunting times, ultimately begging the questions few dare to ask…but should.” 

Dr. Ken Curtis

Founder Christian History Institute, Worcester, PA

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